How to email Word Documents as a PDF in a single click

I was reminded of this tip earlier this week, how to add a button to the Word quick access toolbar to email word documents as PDFs in a single click – useful when sending out Quotes and Proposals to customers.


This post talks you through adding “E-mail as a PDF Attachment” to your word quick access toolbar:


To add, click on the dropdown arrow in word, and choose “More Commands”


In the dialog box under “Choose commands from” change it from “Popular” to “File Tab”

You will then see “Email as PDF Attachment”, Double Click or use “Add >>” to add to the box on the right and click OK.


You should then have the option on your Quick Access toolbar at the top of the screen.  Clicking the icon will open a new email and, generate the document as a PDF and attach it – all in one click!


Do you have any other time saving tips like this?   Let me know!